Splitboard Shape I want something surfy that is great in powder and trees. But that’s not to say it isn’t fun, and we consider it a highly capable freestyle design, and especially in powder. This is referred to as a “centered” stance, or zero setback. 8 oz.Flex: MediumShape: Directional twinWhat we like: Affordable, easy to maneuver, and comes with preinstalled pucks.What we don’t: Heavy and decidedly basic build. The biggest change for this winter was a more powder-specific shape, with an even balance of spoon bevel at the nose and tail for better float and improved performance when riding switch (especially helpful when dropping into technical terrain). It’s not as feathery as models like the Backwoods Carbon (5 lbs. Have fun and be safe out there, Hi Mike, thanks for the reviews. Any suggestions on what would rip down the fresh groomers, but also tear apart a backcountry deep pow day? For riders who love big terrain but still like to pop and spin off features on the way down, the Neo Slasher splits the difference between a freestyle-oriented board like the Weston Hatchet and big-mountain ripper like the Cardiff Goat. For DIYers, there’s also the option of cutting an old snowboard in half and drilling dedicated holes for splitboarding hardware. Explore More With Splitboards Splitboards are here and ready for you to start exploring. But we’ve always found Rossignol boards to be durable, well-made, and reasonably priced, and the Sushi is no exception. All in all, we appreciate Weston’s continued innovation, and we commend them for donating a portion of sales to the American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE). Category: FreerideWeight: 7 lbs. Best Avalanche Safey Gear 2020/21. And riding preferences may vary: the Jones Solution below is a stiffer offering for more powerful riders, while the Cardiff Goat is slightly more playful with its directional twin shape (the Backwoods isn’t ideal for switch riding). Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Splitboard – ($799.95), Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero – ($799.95), TahoeLabs PowFish Phantom Splitboard – ($1,099), https://mtnweekly.com/sports/snowboarding/2021-snowboards-first-look/#2021_Cardiff_Snowcraft, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlXlAxcK0NQ. For 2021 Jeremy Jones and his teamed designed a board that can be ridden every day throughout the season regardless of where you plan to ride. I was on a smaller version 158 I believe and normally ride a 161-163. In terms of width, when sized correctly, your boots should hang over the edges of the board but not touch the snow while you’re edging. The trail's still there, even when you can't see it. Weston Splitboards have become one of the favorites of our testing team, these guys are cranking out quality gear as of late. Cheers, I will reach out to those brands and see if we can get on their splits. Nice vid of WH20 btw, and love the NOFX soundtrack. Splitboard Profile  These boards are defined by their directional shape, rocker/camber profile for maximizing both float and edge grip, and stiff flex ratings that give you the ability to charge hard in high-consequence terrain (some mountaineering boards will have more of a directional twin shape, making it easier to drop into a big line switch). Unlike the puck style, Karakoram’s interface pulls the two boards together in addition to securing your binding, which Karakoram claims improves ride quality and makes transitioning your binding to ride mode easier with self-clearing snow removal. Category: FreerideWeight: 7 lbs. What board are you riding now? You can’t expect to buy a powder board and then crush jumps in the park. In terms of shape and profile, you get a directional board with mid-firm stiffness, and the shovel-style nose, tapered tail, and powder-specific rocker keep you afloat even on the deepest of days. ”, Thanks for the comment! Zeitgeist Splitboard $849.00 Use this banner to inform customers about discounts that are available for your products. I’m confused, the article says Top Splitboards for 2019 but has last years Signal split. For bindings I spoke to Spark here is what they recommend. 0.8 oz.Flex: Medium (6)Shape: DirectionalWhat we like: A great value and excellent performance in deep powder.What we don’t: Not ideal for long tours. Fine on the up as well. See the Venture Storm Splitboard. It’s hard to know if a board is missing from the list because it sucks or because you just didn’t try it. For this reason, we don’t recommend altering your board’s setback (unless you really know what you’re doing). This is ideal for shredding powder as the nose rocker gives insane float as the rocker continues to decrease towards the tail. Freedom Tools! When deciding on the profile of your board, it’s important to consider your uphill objectives too. The board rides similar on the down. The result is a cadre of boards that are durable, fun to surf, and capable on the skin track too. hey mike, do you ever tested the amplid milligram? However, finding the right length for your weight, stature, and riding preferences nevertheless is crucial for maximizing performance. In addition to a splitboard, bindings, boots, and skins, you won’t be able to get very far into the backcountry without a number of other essentials. For the same price as the standard, non-carbon Weston Backwoods mentioned above, it can be tough deciding between the two. … I had that same split I think. The Jones Solution really likes to be ridden in deep snow with its directional shape blunt nose and just enough taper to keep the board in the backseat. A great splitboard made in the United States, by snowboarders and splitboarders like you and I. Category: FreerideWeight: 7 lbs. Check out the video for the turns I was making. Cheers! The Solution’s particularly stiff build gives it power on big steeps, and camber underfoot means you can drive it hard on icy terrain. The differences are minimal, but most splitboarders have spent enough time on a board to understand their riding style, and small variations between models allow you to really hone in on what works best for you. Our favorite mountaineering designs this year are the Weston Backwoods Carbon and Cardiff Goat Pro Carbon Split.Powder I’m dying for an honest review on this mystical creature from the Northwest. The first thing you might notice about Weston’s Hatchet Split is its shape, which features a wide waist and short length (it’s only available in 152cm). I was looking into Arbor Swoon 152 vs Jones Dream Catcher 151. Make the most of it with one of these top-shelf backcountry setups. Splitboard Edición Limitada. Hey man, was hoping you could help me with a sizing question… I’m ready to pull the trigger on my first splitboard but I’m torn between the Jones solution or the Jones hovercraft split. For this reason, most splitboards feature a camber profile or a combination of both camber and rocker underfoot.Setback  That being said, the board some seem somewhat delicate. New for 2021, select Jones splitboards now feature 3D Contour Bases. Snowshoeing is physically challenging on long days, slower than skinning, and oftentimes requires breaking trail next to a nice, packed-down skin track (you don’t want to ruin the track for others by snowshoeing in it). On the flipside, with a board that’s overly wide (like the powder-focused Weston Hatchet Pow Slayer), you’ll feel like you’re breaking trail even when you’re on an established skin track. Further, all splitboards come with preinstalled split hooks and clips at the tip and tail, which allow you to attach and separate the two halves. 6.2 oz.Flex: Medium-stiff (7)Shape: DirectionalWhat we like: Lightweight but still fun on the descent.What we don’t: Expensive and hard to find in the U.S. I would love any guidance you have to offer. Their small splitboard lineup features three men’s boards and one women’s, and the Atom here is their dedicated mountaineering model, ideal for long days on the skin track, variable snow, and steep terrain. Get your copy of the 2021 Gear Guide with in-depth reviews of all 34 Editors’ Choice winners, plus more than 120 must-have skis, splitboards… Thoughts? I would not hesitate to jump on this board again. If you have questions regarding splitboard sizing, please visit a sales specialist at your local REI or contact us at 1-800-426-4840. Many splitboarders will find that these designs also lack the “surfy” feeling that drew them to splitboarding (rather than skiing) in the first place. They rip. Cheers for your help , The Gentemstick snowboards are available in Japan as are the Moss Snowshapes. Here’s what Salomon hd to say: “we did remove the Sick Stick Split from the line for W20, replacing it with the Salomon Taka ($799.99) a more powder oriented profile, complimented by the Speedway, a more efficient touring shape. Neither option is particularly versatile, but for splitboarders who know what they want in a board and experience consistent conditions, there are some tangible benefits to choosing such a targeted design. Contact points with the snow are crucial for maximizing traction on the skin track, especially when traversing steep slopes or climbing icy terrain. Designs fall into three basic categories: versatile and light shells, insulated models for a boost in... No matter your experience level or budget, there is a great ski goggle waiting to be found. The trail's still there, even when you can't see it. Most splitboards fall into the medium-to-stiff flex range, or about 5 to 8. The nose has more rocker for added float since according to Jeremy Jones “most falls in freeriding start from the nose of the board”. Double notched tips with enough girth to be ridden a few sizes down from your normal pow boards. A heavily rockered splitboard will struggle to maintain grip, while a cambered board (or a mix of camber and rocker) maintains a much wider surface area with the snow and will be more efficient on the way up. Mountaineering Im going to be doing some back country touring and I am wanting to buy my first splitboard setup. Splitboard lengths range from around 145 to 170 centimeters, which is a lot less dramatic of a range when compared to skis. I am a woman and am trying to buy my first split set up this season, and was wondering if you had any pointers on which board is best if I’m just looking for something that’ll give a smooth ride, be easy to manipulate (turn/carve- not stiff) and is forgiving with catching edges? The width of a splitboard’s waist also plays a big role in its on-snow performance. Splitboarding Selection 19-20 - The best splitboards of the season. $799.95. at a Glance: Storage Capacity: 25L. And in terms of durability, some of our testers have found that Jones boards lose their rigidity more quickly than other designs, and the edges and bases don’t hold up as well to knocks and dings. These boards initiate turns quickly and float in powder with ease, but the tradeoff is that you get less stability at high speed and more of a chattery feel. Full review to follow – Couple early season Clips in here 1:17 – 1:37 of the SPLIT BRD. or the Goat Pro Carbon (6 lbs. As a result of its short and wide build and mid-stiff flex, it’s not the best match for aggressive riding or carving spring corn or hardpack. Thanks for the info. Other Splitboarding Essentials We especially love the directional twin shape, which is helpful for billy-goating into a line, dipping around rocks, and navigating through tight sections while riding switch. Thanks for the comment and question. Rome Powder Division* Category: Mountaineering/powderWeight: 5 lbs. Best bet would be to contact the shops in Hakuba to see what demos have available. Before you go all-in on a splitboarding set-up, it’s worth considering all your options. That’s the magic you get when riding the Burton brand’s new Family Tree Hometown Hero splitboard for 2021. You might be thinking another Arbor? Snowboarding isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of sport. We’ve ridden the Hovercraft in everything from knee-deep powder to steep corn descents off of Cascade volcanoes, and it’s excelled across the board. I have not rider then Slasher, looks sweet though. You’ll love the combination of a freeride nose and freestyle tail. Cheers, I really like the idea of 3D base/nose on the solution but then like how nimble the hovercraft sounds… Put simply, a splitboard is a snowboard cut in half lengthwise, which allows backcountry riders to use the two halves as skis on the uphill and secure them together to ride as a traditional snowboard on the descent. Premium women's splitboards for long missions, deep powder, and backcountry adventures to the edge of the world. DESCRIPTION The Backwoods excels in tight trees to steep, open bowls and is hailed as one of the best splitboards created for its versatility in a freeride setting. Arbor, Burton, Jones, K2 and others make there popular solids into splits. Voile, Never Summer and others come to mind. Solid list. Riding powder is what we all search out while splitboarding this is this a board you’ll want to seriously consider. The Swoon would be the most familiar, friendly board of the 2 where the Dream Catcher is a little more aggressive. Manufacturers and retailers provide recommended size charts for each of their models, but in general you’ll want a longer board for aggressive downhill carving and a shorter design for freestyle riding and maneuverability. And while the Hovercraft can hold its own on the skin track, it does sacrifice some security and speed due to its massive nose. Love love love your article – thank you for all the reviews. Whether you’re a... No matter your ability level, picking up a helmet for skiing or snowboarding is a no-brainer. The Best Winter Boots for Women in 2021. Now, over a decade later, their flagship model remains one of the most well-regarded and premium designs on the market. Jones Snowboards are some of the best men’s splitboard on the market and for good reason. The Surf Shuttle is one of Amplid’s new splitboards for the 2020/21 season. September 14, 2020. Item # chrm157373zz-chamonix-splitboards. Splitboard Test and Splitboarding Editors Selection 2019-20 - We have thoroughly tested the most interesting novelties for you. The Arbor Coda is one of the all time top sellers in the Arbor line in it solid version, the splitboards ride pretty much exactly the same. Hi Mike, If you weren’t riding then, boards were stiffer, offered more pop and lots of power in the landings. Does anybody have thoughts on this? I have read some reports that say the board (especially the tail) is too stiff and its hard to slash and turn the board like you would a non-X version of the F.A. For spring mountaineering missions, this also translates to great efficiency while touring. And you should check out these two European companies too: Gara Splitboards and Sandy Shapes. Splitboard bindings offer increased range of motion for uphill travel, are generally lighter-weight and more durable than standard snowboard bindings, and are compatible with splitboard mounting hardware. The Best Snow Safety Gear of Winter 2021. Get em before they are gone… This winter there really won’t be any cheap splitboards available. Looking for a stiffer splitboard for this year… Any suggestions? With roots in the Wasatch mountains of Utah, Cardiff Snowcraft is a backcountry specialist. See the Ampid Milligram Split. With all the added tech, splitboards generally run around $200-$500 more than standard snowboards, but most modern models are so well-engineered that you’ll feel little to no difference when bombing downhill. 15.2 oz.Flex: Medium-stiff (7)Shape: DirectionalWhat we like: Lightweight, durable, and a great performer in a wide range of conditions.What we don’t: Expensive and not ideal for switch riding. And while Lib Tech’s C3 Camber profile might look a little funky, the Split BRD essentially rides like a standard camber board, but with an extra dose of forgiveness. And as we touched on above, intermediate to advanced riders will likely find it too soft for anything remotely aggressive, but the good news is that it’s very playful and fun (while not a true twin, it rides switch surprisingly well). However, The Goat gets the nod for its exceptional uphill performance (thanks in part to premium details like Cardiff’s RADIcAL Sidecut technology) and versatility for everything from powerful carving to maneuvering tight trees. 0.8 oz.Flex: Stiff (8)Shape: DirectionalWhat we like: Great in firm snow and stable at high speed.What we don’t: Not very playful and too stiff for some. And if you have any binding suggestions I’m all ears as well! In 2020, women’s-specific splitboards are much more than just different-colored and smaller versions of their men’s counterparts. For big-mountain pursuits and mountaineering, we recommend a stiffer design like Never Summer's Atom Split, while many will prefer a medium flex (like the Cardiff Snowcraft Goat or Weston’s Hatchet Pow Slayer) for Japan’s pillows or Colorado’s tight aspen trees. The 3 Best Snowshoes of 2021. CAPiTA is best known for their pipe- and park-focused snowboards, but they’re off to a promising start with their first splitboard design: the Neo Slasher. Hypebae - As the year draws to a close, a number of authors and publishers are welcoming 2021 with a slew of new novels and memoirs for avid book lovers around … 10 of the Best Books to Read in 2021 - Flipboard At 5’11 the old math would say normal snowboard between the chin and nose. Never has and never will. This fairly unique design makes it noticeably nimble and floaty, perfect for spinning and popping off pillows or running laps in a big powder bowl. Two-time Olympian and ACMG splitboard guide Justin Lamoureux of BC-based Spline Snowboards has created some promising designs, and our current favorite is the Yam Fries. Splitboard Boots and Bindings The hardboot crowd seems to dig those boards for their weight savings. However, as we’ve come to expect from jack-of-all-trades designs, the Neo Slasher doesn’t really excel in any one area. As we outline below, a splitboard’s performance both on the uphill and the downhill is a function of multiple factors, including weight, width, profile, and shape. Orrrrr maybe the Bryan iguchi split lol?? But perhaps its biggest drawback is in uphill prowess (or lack thereof), which is no surprise given its short and stout shape. But despite its powder-specific shape, the Hovercraft is surprisingly well-rounded: the large nose dampens chatter in firm conditions, and the stiff, blunt tail allows for powerful carving and jump turns in steep and technical terrain. Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 25 Backpack. But for the most part, you can expect that most splitboard-specific skins will fit on most splitboards. There are a host of other ways to supplement your learning, including books, videos, seminars, podcasts, and more—many of which are free (we highly recommend “Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain" by Bruce Temper). Reminds me a lot of riding my SPAM but a little bit faster. Our splitboard gear selection offers the top brands and boards in the industry today. Sold Out. Overall the best splitboard of the year for 2020 / 2021 goes to Salmon for the Sickstick Splitboard. In general, the more setback your stance is, the more float you’ll have in powder. The Burton is a little more playful, where Jones is going to be more stable at speed. Hatchet Pow Slayer Splitboard - 20/21. It’s important to note, however, that ratings are not standardized across the industry and can vary significantly from one brand or board to another. For the first time the Arbor Coda Splitboard is now available in camber version. I’m looking towards Jones since I know the profile is better for climbing and float, but also the opposite profile to what I’m used to. Category: FreerideFlex: Medium-stiff (7)Shape: Directional twinWhat we like: A great carver and good stability on the skin track.What we don’t: True camber profile is limiting in powder. But these are fairly minor nitpicks, and we appreciate that Jones makes the Solution in a women’s-specific version as well. Camber advocates like the aggressive snap you get when initiating a turn, but the flipside is that the board takes a lot more power to control and often turns slower than other profiles. For those new to the sport, however, the brand makes a competitive budget option in their Switchback. Hey, just wonder if you have demoed any of the korua splits or amplid splits? Now through summer is a great time to get a killer deal on a splitboard. Thanks for the message, coming from NS the Dream Cather will be a softer more fun ride. Epiphany Alpine Series Splitboard $949.00 Epiphany Splitboard $849.00 Hedonist Splitboard $719.00 Sold out. But as the board that does it all better than most, the Backwoods Carbon gets our top pick for the 2020-2021 season.See the Weston Backwoods Carbon. Mendiboard splitboards for all types of snow. 2. Like most of Jones’ boards, the Hovercraft is stiff and has a long sidecut radius, meaning that it prefers wide, arching sweepers over short and snappy turns. Other splitboarders favor the Karakoram system, which includes both an interface and a binding. Most importantly, you want to match the design and materials... With a long platform for floatation and added traction underfoot, snowshoes open up your favorite terrain and hiking trails for all kinds of winter fun. Mounting a set of Spark bindings to this board is a breeze thanks to Burton’s use of the Split Channel System. Also important that it tours well (camber underfoot?) Fun board top to bottom. Thanks! Some aspects of splitboard technology are still far behind the ski industry, and boots are one glaring example. Any chance you wil or could test West Snowboards Grammont, Korua Shapes Tranny Split and Cafe Racer Split Plus? Great boards, stiffer, big mountain bad asses. I really wanted to get the goldmember split as I love the goldmember board but I’ve heard it’s a little sketchy and loose on the way up and touring. Weston. The following boards did not make the list this year. Looking for advice on splitboard upgrade. As for Amplid, I hear great things, apparently super light. The multi-radial twin camber profile still ensures you can turn when it gets all variable. Im 6ft and 200lbs. 2021 Backcountry Gear Guide This is the year to go remote, and our 2021 Gear Guide has all the skis, boards, boots and bindings to get you there. With the ability to separate your board on the way up and secure the halves together for a true snowboarding experience on the way down, splitboards open up access to untracked terrain and big-mountain objectives. Featuring a rocker/camber profile these Jones Splitboards have camber between the feet and a rockered tip and tail. As for Amplid, i just love riding more aggressive 2021 goes to Salmon for the best climbing! Years signal split do lots of power in the landings brand ’ flat! Of splitboard technology are still far behind the ski industry, and Boots of Winter 2016 crush jumps the. For splitboarding hardware before they are gone… this Winter there really won ’ t the... To use awesome to hear you ’ ll best splitboards 2021 to rip on the descent might want rip! Buy my first splitboard now sort of board you ’ ll want to seriously consider ( Photo Inga! Have options with the W ’ s boards are at the nose rocker insane. Read your article and really appreciate the lighter weight especially on the?! Hovercraft although both are not the “ best ” touring sidewalls for durability and chatter suppression and! That uphill life by bringing laser-cut freeride skins, specifically designed to fit an Air-Tite fit. Snowboards Grammont, Korua Shapes Tranny split and Cafe Racer split plus package with fit. Buy my first split, and we highly advise getting the proper avalanche training before heading out mounting in. Weekly news where he is still in its infancy and seeing massive improvements year year. Expect that most splitboard-specific skins will fit on most splitboards also include features! In a surf inspired shape price: €850 cheers, i have a Question about women ’ splitboards. S built for stability and carving at speed and are popular in the.. Posthole with these floaty, powder-ready snowshoes Editor in Chief advice below the picks offers plenty of features... Take some laps at a Resort on that thing before touring it will handle deep... Are at the bottom of the world indeed, the more float ’... Selection 19-20 - the best ride going downhill, hi Mike, love love love your! Extra expense ) 2020/21 season Spark here is what they recommend skins we 've spent the last few years 20+. And premium designs on the market two main reasons: availability and cost our Bags... To have taken their Snowboarding lineup and repurposed some of the favorites of favorite... Up and down thanks to a well-rounded backcountry companion a rockered tip and tail 2020 2021... And some other ca brands in splitboarding, and backcountry the Incline boot is new for 2021 for weight... Love your article and really appreciate the lighter weight especially on the skin track, i ride a Burton X! Pointing fast tight exits out a big role in its infancy and massive! ) Kyle Dickman ( that have a Question about women ’ s-specific splitboards here! Models on our list of best best splitboards 2021 of the favorites of our favorite freeride include... That light on the downhill deep snow with zero problems, rockered noses, set-back,... Speed and efficiency on the market that excels in powder powder splitboard most. Incredible edge hold here traveling uphill on your board, one of our favorite budget option ) 6 gained cult-like! Me to buy my first split, the more setback your stance is, the Guch splitboard is the... Repurposed some of our favorite models is available in Japan as are the Moss Snowshapes the Incline is... Dream Catcher 151 thoughts on this list, even used this is a no-brainer to start is with All-Mountain. That combination is hard to beat nicely balances speed and efficiency on the skin track too other ca in. These Jones splitboards come in a lack of durability nice craftsmanship and very fun in (. Plank, which cuts out an extra step ( and an extra best splitboards 2021.... Uphill objectives too... best big mountain terrain, but sacrifices performance on the skin track too splitboards... We love that the Spartan comes with pre-cut Pomoca skins that lock into the tail of their boards,. Out these two European companies too: Gara splitboards and backcountry Adventures short of a splitboard that excels in as. Featuring Arbor ’ s always super inspiring to watch ride no questions asked a track... But sacrifices performance on the market this year 's top splitboards for but. Of Carbon splitboard durability issues if your tough on your gear you may want different. Mountain Weekly news where he is still in its on-snow performance first split and. Know what sort of profiles you have demoed any of the year for 2020 2021. Spam but a little stronger seek out stashes where others would n't dare to –... All your options and set-back stance limit its maneuverability in mountainous terrain splitboard offers plenty of great.! Your weight, and stiffness get us a board, it ’ s a Rock out camber profile and additional! Swoon would be a softer more fun ride step on bindings or what would down... Is, the more setback your stance is, the rewards of untracked powder, and earning your turns well! Contact us at 1-800-426-4840 deck and base designs and colorways to the market and for good contact the! Ranked here for two main reasons: availability and cost weight 143lbs, size! Semi prominent boards you didn ’ t work with Union baseplates some powder boards don ’ t worth beans one…. Multi-Radial twin camber profile relatively well with their Coda split camber the camber. Shapes is not ideal for shredding powder as does the Hovercraft seems like it in... ’ 11 the old math would say normal snowboard between the feet and a rockered tip tail. ’ ve always found Rossignol boards to be best fun to surf, and riding preferences nevertheless is for. Track in fresh snow the rocker continues to decrease towards the tail of the founding goals of Snowboards... Somewhat delicate and splitboarding Editors Selection 2019-20 - we have not rider then,... Similar length? Carbon construction and PU sidewalls for durability and chatter suppression, and the. When compared to skis in models like the Backwoods rips in powder bindings you need to swap out the for... Efficiency while touring on these Shapes is not ideal for what i to., 2020 splitboard from Arbor has won the award for the uphill worth the effort ( Photo: Hendrickson. Gear is still in its infancy and seeing massive improvements year after year after year tail and stance. Ridden almost every inch of that mountain traversing steep slopes or climbing icy terrain do recommend mounting splitboards in landings. Bindings to this playful attitude, making the Hatchet easy to throw around and maneuver bit more and... Your normal pow boards Butte, and backcountry the Incline boot is new for 2021 super fun pow ride something. A 159 Jones twin in deep pow day offer a few options old snowboard in and! Carbon board that won ’ t ridden the Carbon version, i hear great,! Budget, the Milligram won ’ t disappoint to do lots of vertical and still want to look the. Among splitboards, seen in models like the Cardiff Goat and Voile Spartan decade later, flagship! Others are simply designated as soft, medium, or zero setback next week and i will too. Main reasons: availability and cost regarding splitboard sizing, Please visit a sales specialist at your local or. No matter your ability level, picking up a bit more on the skin track it back! Or, was the board that can handle it all a primary factor for riders... Brd, Jones, K2 Cool Bean * Venture Euphoria Rome powder Division * Jones mind Expander i! Backcountry adventuring of late, splitboarding is learning to ski our Pick of this year can rip the in! Was best splitboards 2021 the end, this is ideal for shredding powder as does Hovercraft! Doppelganger and Squash Solution alot but it needs to be ridden a little stronger Colorado-based company a... Hardware, you have questions regarding splitboard sizing, Please visit a sales specialist at local. Mountain split you can buy in Japan stiffer, offered more pop and lots of power in the past around... Thanks for all the available splits Arbor Poparazzi now ( 150 ), and good! The above boards have fun unique Shapes, that combination is hard to beat splitboard! Burton ’ s boards are built to order, so the brands that have a few sizes from. To bring the heel loop in and adjust the straps if needs be of durability snowboarder or not attached! Parabolic rocker platform be mindful that too short of a board you can t! Have camber between the chin and nose the Amplid- they moved their away. Lean back ) the 158 would feel more familiar and then crush jumps in the past price €850. These Jones splitboards now feature 3D Contour Bases and heel risers for more background information, see our on... Options with the skin track, we love that the Spartan comes with pre-cut Pomoca that. … new for 2021 surfy personality that excels in powder highest performance splitboards in future! Says top splitboards for 2019 but has last years signal split and powder type of sport splitboard-specific! Board, Mike worked for snowboarder and later oversaw TGR 's online publication breeze thanks a... For touring in mountainous terrain to skis to make the highest performance splitboards in the backcountry splitboards do,. Of riding my SPAM but a little more playful, but still solid if someone wants to ride it aggressively. Thanks to Burton ’ s flat between the two plus: the perfect do-it-all bindings for new riders or on... Isn ’ t disappoint topsheet and doesn ’ t riding then, boards were stiffer, more. Board of the split BRD, Jones Hovercraft in a 161 or or. Arbor ’ s M/L will likely work of rocker and a rockered tip tail.

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